Walk Leader Insurance

Whether you’ve been a walk leader before, or you’re thinking of becoming one, it’s reassuring to know where you stand when it comes to insurance. Whilst it has never happened during any of our walk festivals before, it is good to know that you are covered should any of your walkers be injured during a walk that you are leading.

When you submit your walk, you will be asked to complete an online template for a risk assessment that will cover off everything that we need to know. Your walkers are also asked to agree to a disclaimer at the time of booking to confirm that they know they are responsible for wearing appropriate footwear, bringing plenty of drinking water, wearing sun cream, and a number of other factors.

Although walks will be taking place throughout Eastbourne Borough, as well as Lewes District and areas covered by other authorities, there is just one organising authority for the purpose of insurance and this is Eastbourne Borough Council as the main organisers and funders of this event.

Volunteers (Walk Leaders) would be accommodated under Eastbourne Borough Council’s Public Liability insurance during this event should any accident occur during a walk they are leading that would be deemed as a fault of their own.

The condition of this is that all volunteers carry out a risk assessment for their walk prior to commencement and attend the training/briefing session held by the Walk Fest organisers prior to the event where they will be provided with Health & Safety information as well as suitable equipment that they will need to take with them. Walk Fest organisers will be in touch with volunteers (Walk Leaders) about their risk assessment in June, and the training/briefing session will be held at the start of September.

Depending on the length of the walk and difficulty of the terrain coupled with the weather and age ranges of the participants, it is appropriate to grade the walks and to be aware of the ages/potential medical requirements of those taking part. The walk grading is a mandatory requirement of a walk submission and Walk Leaders will be asked to collate information from their walkers regarding an ‘In case of emergency’ contact person.